How to Turn ON Dark Mode for All Smartphones

How to Turn ON Dark Mode for All Smartphones – Lately, the world of tech is horrified by dark mode. Starting from Apple, which added the dark mode option for iOS 13, even Google who didn’t want to be left behind with the dark theme on Android 10.

Actually, you can enjoy the dark mode before the release of iOS 13 and Android 10, using the iOS jailbreak method, a custom ROM, or changing themes on Android.With the release of the new dark mode mechanism, the effect is different from before. Now all applications will change colors according to system settings.

How to Turn ON Dark Mode for All Smartphones
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Indeed, not all applications support dark mode, the developers are slowly but surely starting to apply this feature to their applications. For example: Instagram dark mode that has just been released, and several other Facebook applications, including WhatsApp later.

In this article I will try to summarize various ways to activate dark mode from various brands, because the settings for this will differ from one another.

How to Turn ON Dark Mode for All Smartphones

iPhone (iOS)

Dark mode can only be enjoyed by iPhone 6s or newer that are already running iOS 13. The dark mode settings on iOS can be accessed via: Settings → Display & Brightness. You can choose between the Light, Dark, or Automatic display if you want to activate dark mode at night and light mode during the day automatically.


Unlike iOS, Android is an open source operating system where each brand that adopts it can change many things, including settings for themes.

Android Pie

You can activate Android Pie Dark theme (Google Pixel or Android One) via Settings → Display → Advanced → Device theme. Just like iOS, there are 3 choices: Automatic, Light, and Dark.

Android 10

Android 10 has slightly changed for the dark mode setting. You can go to Settings → Display to find the Dark theme toggle.

Samsung One UI

Samsung with its One UI has its own name, which is Night Mode. To activate it, you can go to Settings → Display, then activate Night mode.

Oneplus Oxygen OS

The dark theme for the latest Oxygen OS (based on Android 10) can be accessed via Settings → Display → Theme. Activating a dark theme on Oxygen OS 9 based on Android Pie does not change the settings of all third party applications (system wide dark mode). You must activate Night mode via Settings → System → Developer Options → Night mode, select the Always On option.

To bring up the Developer Options menu, go to About Phone, then tap the Android build number multiple times until the message appears that the developer mode is on.

Xiaomi MIUI

Xiaomi added System wide dark mode from MIUI 10 and above. You can activate it from Settings → Display → Dark mode.

Huawei EMUI

Custom ROM / UI from Huawei, EMUI gets the dark mode feature on the EMUI update 9. You can activate it via Settings → Battery → Darken interface colors.

VIVO Funtouch OS

If you are a VIVO user, you can enjoy dark mode from Funtouch OS 9.

Oppo ColorOS

At the moment, Oppo hasn’t provided a dark mode feature for ColorOS.

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